BORDA advises and facilitates projects in the sectors of decentralised sanitation, wastewater treatment, water and energy supply, and solid waste disposal in Asia and Africa. Active for over 30 years, BORDA is part of a network of international research and development organisations.

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Basic Needs Services (BNS) are directly linked to the UN's Millenium Development Goals and are in keeping with the objectives of climate protection of the Kyoto Protocol. They are actions geared towards improving living conditions for disadvantaged target groups.

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BORDA strives to create sanitation solutions: DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions) Service Packages include not simply the construction of this proven solution but a whole set of integrated measures, combined according to demand.

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Facilitating the implementation of Basic Needs Services (BNS) development projects in Asia and Africa, BORDA maintains over twenty partnerships with organisations worldwide; partners are accountable for planning and implementation of social structure development projects.

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News from BORDA Las Americas

Photo contest on the theme of basic and ecological sanitation in Nicaragua
1. SODIS  Bolivia /Angélica Maria Marin Suarez, amarins@fundacionsodis.org2. INAA/Felipe López, flopez@inaa.gob.ni3. GIZ NI/ Javier Enrique Gutierrez Llanes, javier.gutierrez@giz.de4. Grupo Fenix/ Susan Kinne, susankinnefenix@gmail.com5. SODIS  Bolivia /Angélica Maria Marin Suarez, amarins@fundacionsodis.org6.CIDTEA/Rosemary Téllez, rtellez440@gmail.com7. Idalia del Carmen Lau Blanco, idalialaub@yahoo.com8. Grupo Fenix/ Susan Kinne, susankinnefenix@gmail.com9. Francisco Manuel González Sánchez, frank_architect@yahoo.es10. Asofenix11. Fabiola Martínez, faby_310791@hotmail.com12. Idalia del Carmen Lau Blanco, idalialaub@yahoo.com13. Asofenix14. Klaudia Boden <>15. Gabriel Alejandro Mendoza Quiroz, Asofenix17. Idalia del Carmen Lau Blanco, idalialaub@yahoo.com18. Asofenix19. Asofenix20.Eduardo Rodriguez Hastin, ERodriguez@wateraidamerica.org21. Eduardo Rodriguez Hastin, ERodriguez@wateraidamerica.org22. Martín Alejandro Jiménez Velásquez, martinjimenezv@outlook.com23. Grupo Fenix/ Susan Kinne, susankinnefenix@gmail.com24. Lydia Zapata, lydia.zapata@blueenergygroup.org25. Víctor Contreras, Edwin Terán, Víctor Contreras, Edwin Terán,

Viii Regional Course on Decentralized Sustainable Ecological Sanitation by SARAR and BORDA

by Laura Perez, Sarar Transformation, Tepoztlan Mexico, 28.11.2013

The VIII Regional Course on decentralized sustainable ecological sanitation was held in Tepoztlan, Mexico in November of this year. The course was organized and conducted by the SARAR and BORDA, which in partnership have been...[more]

With the City of Hamburg, León La Salle University, UNI-Managua BORDA Prepare Intervention for Sustainable Wastewater and Solid Waste Management of León Municipal Slaughterhouse in Nicaragua

by Sonia Martinez, BORDA Latinoamérica, 01.10.2013

In collaboration with the Nicaraguan Municipality of León, the City of HamburgLeón La Salle University and UNI-Managua, BORDA prepares an intervention for a sustainable wastewater and solid waste management of León Municipal...[more]

VIII Curso Regional de Saneamiento Ecológico Descentralizado Sostenible del 11-16 de Noviembre, 2013 en México

by Sonia Martinez, BORDA Latinoamérica, 29.09.2013

BORDA y su socio en México, SARAR-Transformación se complacen en anunciar el VIII Curso Regional de Saneamiento Ecológico Descentralizado Sostenible que tendrá lugar en Tepoztlán, México del 11-16 de Noviembre, 2013. [more]

Participation in Nuestra Agua 2013 Fair in Granada, Nicaragua on March 21-24, 2013

by Sonia Martinez, BORDA Latinoamérica, 28.03.2013

Organized by FAN, FANAS, FANCA and FANMex, Nuestra Agua 2013 Fair offered a platform where different water management and sanitation related entities got together for sharing their knowledge, experiences and practices in these...[more]


DEWATS Special Newsletter 

BORDA received the Development Solutions Award by IWA for outstanding “innovations and contributions to technology and community facilitation that transform service delivery in low income urban settlements.” read more

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