23.12.2016 08:04 Category: News from BORDA Las Americas
by Sonia Martínez Ferreiro, BORDA Las Américas

BORDA Las Americas Ends 2016 with Its Annual Review and Planning Meeting

With the presence of all members of its team and its three volunteers, BORDA-Las Américas ends 2016 with its review and planning meeting. The event held from November 21 to 25, 2016, served as a forum to summarize the achievements and difficulties during this year and prepare the operational plans and set goals, objectives and responsibilities for 2017.

The meeting that was held in plenary and in working groups, also made it possible to carry out team-building exercises that were very well accepted by the team.

The place selected for our meeting, the "Agua Blanca" hotel outside Mexico City was also a great hit. Its large natural spaces as well as its infrastructure and services contributed very positively to our work both individually and as a team.