23.11.2016 13:30 Category: News from BORDA Las Americas
by Paulina Musalem,Salomón Olguín and Sonia Martínez, BORDA LA

San Juan Basin Recovery: Examining Every Corner of San Juan de Dios, Mexico

The BORDA Las Américas team has recently conducted an extensive data-gathering visit to the San Juan micro-watershed and the community of San Juan de Dios in the Mexican state of Guerrero. To support its Comprehensive Basin Recovery Plan of the San Juan Stream in partnership with the Taxco Municipality, the BORDA team sought additional data relating to solid waste management, drinking water supply and water infiltration properties in different soil types.

To supplement the data collected in previous visits to the watershed, the BORDA technical team carried out soil infiltration tests in a variety of locations dedicated to different uses. These included agricultural land inside and outside the community of San Juan de Dios, land given over to livestock, and remote uninhabited forests. Parallel to this effort, the team collected representative samples of solid waste from community members’ homes, in order to measure the quantity and type of solid waste generated by the local community. Finally, the team documented the drinking water supply through walks along the water-supply network to identify zones and timetables, as well as the water flows received in houses located in different spots along the network.

This comprehensive new data expanded on the information previously available, helping to clarify solution options and facilitating progress in the implementation of the basin recovery plan.